Tuesday, February 18, 2014

This piece still has a bit of a ways to go, but its far enough along that I feel ok about showing it.

military/fps character practice.

...and some illustrations I made for S2 Games

and something from something else:

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Kicking things off on a new blog

I need to be upfront in saying that this is not my only portfolio/blog, nor is it my 1st.  The fact of the matter, though, is that I've worked on such a variety of projects that if I put all my work into one portfolio it becomes a stylistic hodgepodge.  As it turns out, despite previous notions that showing all my work in one place would be a testament to my diverse abilities and willingness to fit the needs of the employer, it doesn't work in my favor.

So, if you were directed here it is probably because I researched your company before applying and saw that you seem to create more realistic type media with less cartoony flourish, something that I'm showing more of in this particular portfolio.  I should not that some of the pieces in here are old ones that I've brought back, but will probably get rid of later.  If I was wrong about what you are looking for and you'd rather see cartoony stuff be my guest to check out http://coenedoodle.blogspot.com/.  If you want diverse mish-mashy hodgepodge range of style there's also my general portfolio at http://coenearts.carbonmade.com/.  If you're still here, enjoy the show.

Finally, down here, dome quick figure drawings.  I believe it is an artist's duty to know as much as possible about the human form.  I study it every chance that I get.